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Tomato and Zucchini Harvest - Aug 14 2008

This is what we harvested on August 14 of 2008.

We had two
Striata d'Italia zucchini, 3 beautiful Boston Pickling Cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, Juliet Grape Tomatoes, Thai Pink Tomatoes, Romano string beans, yellow pear tomatoes, a few red cherry tomatoes, two Kellogg's Orange Breakfast Tomatoes and that one dark tomato towards the middle right is a Black Cherry Tomato.

This was an average daily harvest for us.

We loved growing these, but have decided to cut back on the tomatoes for Year 2009. The Kelloggs Orange were thick paste and strong and meaty. Will do those and Big Striped Rainbow (orange) Tomatoes for sweetness and slicing value. Probably Red Amish for red paste tomatoes although they supposedly don't have much of a taste (which is fine since they will be used for italian sauces and ketchup. Haven't decided what other tomatoes yet.

As to the zucchini, it's the first time we'd grown the
Striata d'Italia and were pleasantly surprised. They are thicker on the blossom end, very few seeds, and extremely tasty raw. Somewhat mild. We even got the kid to eat a third of one each time we harvested one. (Family of three, see!) We, unfortunately, planted it in the corn bed, which hindered their growth. We know better next time. And we'll plant more. We would have eaten one a day raw, and did often as well as diced a couple for the freezer (zucchini bread later).

Yummy food we grew ourselves - novice gardeners in Year 2008. If we can do it, so can you.

Besides, we'll do much better next year.