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Gardening Resolutions

Here's our family's resolutions for our garden for the New Year:
  1. Finish planning our garden, as best we can. Pick 3-4 tomatoes, 3-4 beans, 1 summer and 1 winter squash, 1 corn, 1 okra, greens, eggplant, etc.

  2. Order seeds for vegetable garden (assuming we have our new place).

  3. Sell our house by mid-March so we can move closer to Hubby's work and Hubby's mom, and where there is more land and less restrictions on how we can use it. (Right now we are not allowed chickens or bees or farm animals.)

  4. Order, receive and plant several nut trees, fruit trees and fruit bushes. Give them a head start since they take longer to produce.

  5. Prepare vegetable garden area.

  6. Plant vegetable garden.

  7. Buy chickens and when old enough, place in tractor cage for garden/fertilizer/pest control.

  8. Create compost using the two composters we already have.

  9. Harvest and preserve produce.

Blessings to all, and have a wonderful new year. The Williams Family