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"Backyard Grocery Gardening": Info to provide healthy, nutritious and untainted produce
"Special Cooking & Food Prep": Canning, storing, cooking stored-food or money-saving meals
"Homesteading Basics": Becoming self-reliant, inventory checks, water, emergencies, etc.
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Catalog/Suppliers: Burgess, Burpee, Nature Hills

Here are the last three catalogs to consider when you plan your next garden. We might have more in the future, but for now... this is it!

Burgess Seed and Plant Co. -
We've bought from this company before. Quite a variety to choose from. Grapes, citrus, berries, and more. Phone people are helpful.

Burpee -
We think just about everyone has heard of this company. These seeds are almost always available in stores like Home Depot or Wal-Mart. However, we picked up a package of mixed tomato seeds last year (not available now) and it had only a total of like 8 seeds for over $2.00. They have great varieties, but be sure to check how many seeds you get for their high prices.

Nature Hills -
We haven't used this company before but found them when searching for pomegranate. They have several things we plan on checking out about them.

That's it for now. Get going and plan your garden!